Microsoft: Curriculum Case Study
BY Future of StoryTelling — December 5, 2019

Microsoft came to FoST looking for ways to shift from an engineering culture to one that embraces storytelling and puts the customer experience first. Working closely with the Microsoft team, we developed and implemented the “Storytelling in the Digital Age" Curriculum to teach Microsoft executives and brand marketers the skills to tell better stories across platforms, and empowered participants to take these learnings back to their teams to inspire a culture of storytelling that could echo across the organization. Participants ranked the FoST Curriculum equal to or better than educational programs Microsoft offers from Wharton and Kellogg Business Schools. So far, the FoST Curriculum has educated more than 150 Microsoft marketers and is now a permanent educational offering each semester on the Redmond, Washington, campus. 

“FoST brings to the table discipline expertise, a network of word-class experts and professors, and learner-centric pedagogy. The curriculum, custom-built from scratch, has provoked our marketers to embrace storytelling as a fundamental craft they can apply to virtually any aspect of their jobs. They have been informed and inspired to shift hearts and minds through the power of emotional narrative and immersive media. At Microsoft, we could not be more confident about the journey with FoST.” 

–Susan Betts, Former Senior Director, Microsoft