Toro Bravo
When a fighting bull is about four years old, he’s given a test. How he performs will determine the rest of his life. CNNVR’s Toro Bravo thrusts you inside the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain—one of humanity’s most intense, and controversial, traditions. This virtual reality documentary puts you face to face with these thundering animals, as well as with the ethical ramifications of this spectacle. The first time a bull ever enters an arena will also be its last. This blood sport follows an ancient script—with twenty-first-century players. You’ve been cast, too, and Toro Bravo challenges you not to look away.

Jason Farkas
Jason Farkas is the vice president of premium content video for CNN and is in charge of CNN's virtual-reality news and storytelling efforts, CNN VR.

Farkas and CNN VR made CNN the first media outlet to live stream a major news event in VR with their coverage of CNN's Republican and Democratic Debates. CNN VR also provides a range of immersive 360 content, including virtual-reality time travel projects.