Little Alice
Step In Books has teamed up with the acclaimed New York–based artist and illustrator Andrea D’Aquino to create Little Alice, a state-of-the-art AR interactive book and app experience designed to engage children and parents with entertaining and exploratory gameplay. The project is based on the “nursery edition” of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with a simplified, tongue-in-cheek narration from the original author.

D’Aquino will also be leading a 2018 Summit Workshop with founder and CEO of Step in Books, Aksel Køie.
Step in Books
Step In Books is a multi-award-winning studio that explores spatiality in relation to narratives by letting readers “step into’” digital story worlds. As winners of the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award two years in a row, they have proven to be first movers when it comes to creative, digital content for children.

By combining technology and aesthetics, Step In Books makes the illustrations in their books come to life, and the characters and objects stand out from the book through animations and interactions, creating a magical window into the story world. In this way, they are able to create truly interactive and immersive ways of telling stories.