Jurassic Flight
“Hands-down, the best VR experience” —CNET

From the brilliant minds that brought us flight in VR comes this brand-new opportunity to see the Jurassic world through the eyes of a prehistoric bird. Jurassic Flight is single-user full-body VR experience featuring a robotic “motion platform” paired with active airflow, which simulates flying. The experience features scientifically accurate flora, fauna, and—above all—the dinosaurs that existed 150 million years ago!

Jurassic Flight has a weight limit of 400lbs(181kgs)
Birdly & Somniacs
Birdly is a Swiss collective of designers, engineers, and artists dedicated to creating immersive dreams (or interactive experiences).

Somniacs: Founded in 2015, Somniacs is a university spin-off from the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK) that handles the demand for Birdly®-related products, services, and information, while also deploying next-generation virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive experiences.