Harry Shotta presents: Consequences
Playlines and Harry Shotta present Consequences, an immersive AR rap experience that's part-concept album, part-silent disco, and part-close encounter with the British grime scene.

Punchdrunk Theatre meets Pokemon Go in CONSEQUENCES, an immersive site-specific Augmented Reality rap opera, written and performed by multi award-winning UK rapper Harry Shotta and developed by groundbreaking immersive AR studio Playlines.

Experience a world premiere narrative told entirely through rap by one of the U.K.'s hottest lyricists. Explore Snug Harbor through an AR layer of music and rap. Follow the rhymes; meet friends, exes, and enemies; and keep a lookout for hidden VIP areas! How will your journey through the Grime club end?

Save time at the Summit by downloading the CONSEQUENCES App before you arrive! For download links and a list of compatible smartphones go to SHARE
Harry Shotta
Harry Shotta is a multi-award-winning UK rapper. His viral freestyle on the London Underground has now garnered almost 8 million views, and he is the current Guinness World Record holder for fastest rap. Playlines is a London-based immersive design studio specializing in site-specific narrative-driven AR. They have created installations at Camden's iconic Roundhouse, Nesta’s #FutureFest, and Kingston’s Grand Theatre.