Cosmic Sleep
“In an often overstimulating world, taking some time to appreciate scents is an opportunity to slow down, follow one’s curiosity, and focus on subtleties.… Our sense of smell, it turns out, can teach us how to be present and alive again.” —Quartz

Created in collaboration with International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), Cosmic Sleep uses a series of smells paired with a thermal-haptic “blanket” to simulate the temperature changes experienced while traveling through space.

Publicly available for the first time, this piece uses the guest’s senses to simulate the firsthand experience of a comet traveling through the cosmos. This is a single-user, multisensory installation that engages touch, sound, and smell all while the viewer lies under a “blanket” of cooling/heating elements.
Frederik Duerinck (polymorf)
Frederik Duerinck is a Dutch filmmaker and artist located in Breda, The Netherlands. He is lead designer of the award-winning multisensory installation ,Famous Deaths and is coauthor of the book Sense of Smell. His documentary, End of Europe, won the Media Art festival in 2003. Duerinck is a member of the cross-media group Polymorf.

Marcel van Brakel is founder of the cross-media group Polymorf and lecturer at Avans University in Breda, The Netherlands. He works as an independent artist, writer, and film and theater director in the field of strategic storytelling, VR, speculative design, brain hacking, multisensory art installations, and experience design.