B.E.A.T. Featuring Kaila Mullady and Y?
Bridging Education & Art Together (BEAT) works to educate and empower both students and artists through programs of creative self-expression that include music, dance, and performance art.

Kaila Mullady is an NYC–based performer. She is the head director of BEAT Global's Beat Rocker program, where she created and pioneered a speech therapy and beatboxing curriculum while working with blind and mentally handicapped populations.

NYC–based musician and actor Mark Martin (aka Mandibul) has been beatboxing since age 13 and is the 2016 Beatrhyme Battle Champion. He is a teaching artist at the Beat Rockers program, which teaches beatboxing as music and speech therapy to the blind at the Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx.

Y? (Yogi Guyadin) is an NYC–based artist, audio engineer/producer, and educator. He currently works with BEAT Global, where he instructs the Beat Makers course and has created two programs: Beat Rhymers (a creative/songwriting program for aspiring poets, emcees, and singers) and Beat Band (a live music course in which students compose and produce original music and songs alongside professional musicians).
Hip Hop 101: Rhymes and Beatbox Basics

Let loose, get creative, and have some fun while learning the basics of beatboxing, writing, rhyming, and performing. Under the direction of some of the most accomplished beatboxers in the business, you'll learn the basics of beatboxing, collaborate in a free writing session, and perform your creations live.