Then She Fell
Then She Fell is an immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show. In this fully immersive, multisensory experience, audience members explore a dreamlike world. Then She Fell is designed to create an "Alice-like" experience for audience members, who get to discover hidden scenes, encounter performers one-on-one, unearth clues to illuminate a shrouded history, and imbibe elixirs custom designed by some of NYC's foremost mixologists.

Then She Fell performance tickets on Oct 7th, 8th, & 9th will not be released publicly. Should festival goers wish to see the show, email directly to coordinate.
Third Rail Projects
Hailed as one of the foremost companies creating site-specific, immersive, and experiential dance-theater, Third Rail Projects, led by artistic directors Zach Morris, Tom Pearson, and Jennine Willett, is dedicated to re-envisioning ways in which audiences engage with contemporary performance. They have made work in New York, nationally, and abroad for over 15 years. Their award-winning immersive hit, Then She Fell, was named as one of the "Top 10 Shows of 2012" by Ben Brantley of The New York Times, and was acclaimed as one of the best theater experiences of 2013 by Vogue. Then She Fell continues alongside its current immersive hit, The Grand Paradise, which opened in February 2016.