Nefertari: A Journey to Eternity
Using high-end photogrammetry, visual effects techniques, and artificial intelligence, Nefertari: A Journey to Eternity allows you to tour Queen Nefertari's tomb in virtual reality, turning your VR headset into a real-time, tomb-scale simulation. A free-roaming experience, get up close and personal with these ancient hieroglyphics. Explore at your own leisure with a true sense of intimacy while heightening your visual and auditory senses.
Simon Che de Boer
Simon Che de Boer is a renowned photogrammetrist and virtual reality content creator. The founder of an R&D real-time VFX company known as, his real-world digitization of sites of cultural significance have spanned the globe. Che de Boer has received much recognition abroad for the level of quality in his experiences, and his works have been cited as being the gold standard of photorealistic, real-world encapsulations.