Little Cinema
Any Color You Like is a tale of two colorful and psychedelic stories crossing paths to give each other new meaning. In a live spectacle of film, live music, circus, and effects, Little Cinema brings new definition to “immersive cinema” as it blends different stories and art forms into a true audio visual spectacle.

Little Cinema has pioneered a new medium of storytelling by creating a true hybrid between film, circus, theater, and live music, carrying the cinematic world off the screen and into the crowd. In just over two years, it has created over 40 unique shows, been voted “Best of New York,” and been commissioned by major networks and studios for immersive premieres and unique events.
Think of Little Cinema as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cirque du Soleil, and Sleep No More getting together for an epic threesome.
Jay Rinsky / Founder + Creative Director
Live Band: Dark Side Of The Hudson
Immersive Effects: Modern Gypsies