Jeff Buckley: Just Like A Woman
This animated video, created with next-generation interactive media and technology company Eko in collaboration with Blind design studios, takes you on a journey that you control through a relationship between a man and woman. Set to Jeff Buckley’s stirring rendition of Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman," the video lets you click on a scroll of animated cells to decide the fate of the two—sometimes the woman is alone, sometimes the man is alone, sometimes they are together in love, and sometimes they are together in misery.

Along the way, the video offers the option of creating a unique mix of the song, from Buckley’s original solo performance on vocals and guitar, to a piano, to a full orchestration and a choir. Each choice alters the mood of the story and adds new emotional dimensions to the experience.

Eko + Blind
Interlude is a media and technology company that empowers deep emotional bonds between storytellers and consumers through a new medium that lets people shape the story as it's being told. The company's patented technology forms the basis of its consumer platform, Eko, enabling the creation and delivery of stories told in live action video that allow viewers to step into the story. In an Eko video, the story, in effect, listens and can adapt in a multitude of ways as it unfolds.

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