Implikit is a speculative technology that unpicks narratives of biopolitics and structural bias shaping emerging technology. Create immersive VR scenarios that act as counter-experiences to those that encode and reinforce implicit bias. Neural (threat/empathy) responses are visualized to address implicit bias in real time. Progress would be tracked using biofeedback from neuro-imaging (EEG) data to quantify changes in emotional responses during the experience. Being able to visualize behavioral change on a neural level will encourage users to be more mindful of their bias. The EEG biofeedback system could put our unconscious mind in front of our eyes, to be directly addressed.
Marie-Therese Png
Marie-Therese Png is seeking to unpick narratives of power, biopolitics, and unconscious bias shaping emerging technology. She is the founder of Implikit, a neurotechnology project at the MIT Media Lab, developing design ethics around using VR/neurofeedback  to decrease implicit racial bias. Being of Caribbean and Chinese heritage, Png sits at the nexus of multiple values, beliefs, and realities, using this as a lens of inquiry for future technological movements. As such, she is a research associate for the Harvard AI Initiative, organizing a global civic debate on AI, and in parallel organizing the global biohacking movement for the MIT Bio Summit.