Buck Ain't No Ordinary Dog
This story won first place at the West Virginia Liars Contest. In the classic tradition of Appalachian tall tales, this story revolves around a simple problem but devolves into a complex and hilarious solution that isn't really a solution at all. Through a series of mishaps, missteps, and poor decisions, Bil Lepp becomes frozen to the side of a moving train by his tongue.
Bil Lepp
Bil Lepp has been a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival seventeen times. He is a PEN Award–winning author, and his audio collections have won several Parents' Choice Awards. Lepp has become a regular on NPR's Mountain Stage, as well as a guest host. He tells hilarious, original, Appalachian-based tall tales at events all over the country. The Smithsonian Folk Life Center says, “Lepp is a side-splittingly funny man.” And the Wall Street Journal describes his work as “...endearing and satisfying.”