Break a Leg
Break a Leg is an interactive experience designed for virtual reality. Inspired by magicians of the 19th century, such as Houdini and Kellar, it immerses you in an offbeat universe as you play the role of an illusionist on stage asked to deliver your best performance in front of a demanding and unpredictable audience.

Apelab is a production studio based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Los Angeles. Specializing in creating innovative digital content, apelab focuses on stories and 360-degree games for virtual and augmented reality headsets. Always walking the line between video games and narrative, apelab aims to offer unique experiences that use all the features of these new platforms. Their flagship project, Sequenced, won Best in Play at GDC in San Francisco in 2014 and the Grand Prix of Cross Video Days in Paris, and it was an official selection at Sundance in 2016.