Be Boy Be Girl
Be Boy Be Girl is a multisensory experiment that engages sight, hearing, touch, and smell. In the experience, your body becomes more than just your eyes and ears, it becomes a vehicle to experience and challenge reality. The shooting of the 360-degree 3D film material took place on Hawaii and was filmed with 16 cameras on a self-built rig. This camera rig was placed on top of the heads of several men and women to re-create the same perspective the viewer will have in the installation. The omni audio, which changes perspective while the viewer turns his or her head, was specially created for the installation. In the installation, all of the senses are activated through a combination of smell, touch (via infrared light and a fan), image (360-degree 3D film glasses), and omni sound.

Frederik Duerinck & Marleine van de Werf
Frederik Duerinck is a filmmaker and artist located in Breda, Netherlands. He is lead designer of the award-winning multisensory installation Famous Deaths and is coauthor of the book Sense of Smell. His documentary, End of Europe, won the media art festival in 2003. In his work, Duerinck researches the boundaries of conventional storytelling, creating embodied narratives. Duerinck is also coordinator of the Communications and Multimedia Design program in Breda (CMD-Breda) and cofounder of the CMD Netlab.

Marleine van der Werf is a filmmaker and artist located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Van der Werf completed her studies in film at the St. Joost Art Academy in 2010. Her graduation work, illimited, premiered at IDFA, and her surrealistic film The Perceptionist was nominated for the Rene Coelho Prize by the Dutch Media Institute and is represented in the distribution collection of the Dutch Film Institute Eye. In her work, she explores ideas about imagination, the subconscious, and resilience.