The 2018 FoST Prize

Win $10,000 and a chance to exhibit at FoST Summit

The 2018 FoST Prize is open and seeking submissions!
The Future of Storytelling Prize aims to celebrate the talents of those pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a storyteller in the digital age. By elevating the work of the most innovative creators and artists, we hope to help shape the future of media, entertainment, and technology. 
We seek original projects from around the world that tell powerful stories using technology in innovative ways. We welcome submissions on many platforms, including, but not limited to, virtual, mixed and augmented reality, web-based audio, video, and data-driven works, mobile apps, narrative games, immersive and multimedia installations, and multiplatform projects.
Six finalists will each receive a free ticket to attend the FoST Summit on October 3rd and 4th and have their work showcased there. Two winners will each receive $10,000 and have their work promoted broadly through PR and social media. 

Submissions due August 16 at 11:59pm EST.


This year, FoST is awarding prizes in two categories:
  • Innovation in Storytelling

    Innovation in Storytelling Category showcases best-in-class storytelling projects across a range of genres and platforms. In partnership with Microsoft, we are looking for well told, powerful stories that use technology in innovative ways.

    Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Quality of user experience
    • Ability to communicate a story
    • Immersive and participatory elements
    • Emotional resonance
    • Design execution

  • Bridging the Divide

    Established to address rising polarization in our society, the Bridging the Divide category highlights artists and storytellers who are creating new ways to cultivate a culture of empathy and compassion through innovative storytelling.

    Motivated by our shared belief in the power of storytelling to celebrate our inherent human dignity, we are partnering with the Charles Koch Foundation to support the development and wide dissemination of creative tools and models that inspire mutual understanding, peaceful pluralism, and open hearts.

    Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria, assessing to what extent they:
    • Promote and facilitate empathy
    • Enable and encourage civil discourse
    • Cultivate appreciation for the “other”
    • Amplify the voices of champions of free expression

    To share the message of the Bridging the Divide category, it is our intention that the winning experience will be donated to a non-profit organization of the creators choice, where it will then be exhibited to a broader audience.